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          Reactive dyes, reactive biotin, and other reagents for protein labeling (308)

          Featuring Biotium's next generation CF dyes, plus a wide selection of classic dyes and protein modification agents.

          Reactive CF dyes (151)

          Biotium's next generation CF dyes with a selection of reactive functional groups for covalent labeling.

          Mix-n-Stain antibody labeling kits (27)

          Label your antibody with CF dyes or biotin in 30 minutes without post-labeling purification. Kits also available to easily label an antibody with HRP, R-PE, or APC in just a few hours.

          Other reactive fluorescent dyes and biotinylation reagents (129)

          Large selection of traditional fluorescent dyes, biotin reagents and other chemicals containing a chemically reactive group

          Reactive quencher dyes (2)

          Quencher dyes are nonfluorescent dyes designed to serve as photon acceptors in FRET applications