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          EvaGreen qPCR dye and master mixes, GelRed and GelGreen nucleic acid gel stains, AccuBlue and AccuClear DNA quantitation kits, and more.

          Gel electrophoresis products (19)

          Environmentally safe GelRed and GelGreen nucleic acid gel stains designed to replace ethidium bromide.

          Nucleic acid quantitation in solution (14)

          AccuBlue and AccuClear dsDNA Quantitation Kits for fluorescence-based dsDNA quantitation in solution. Find the kit that's right for you.

          PCR and related reagents (32)

          Biotium offers EvaGreen dye and master mixes for qPCR, Cheetah hot-start Taq, Fast Probe master mixes for probe-based qPCR, and PMA for bacterial viability PCR.

          Nucleic acid labeling (87)

          Fluorescent dye- and biotin-labeled nucleotides and reactive dyes, featuring Biotium's next-generation CF dyes.

          Nucleic acid-binding dyes (36)

          Nucleic acid-binding dyes with wavelengths ranging from UV to near-IR for nuclear staining of live and dead cells, qPCR, and gel staining.