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          Bioluminometric viability/cytotoxicity assays (1)

          The ATP-Glo Cell Viability Assay provides a homogenous luminescence-based assay for quantifying viable cells based on cellular ATP levels.

          編號 產品名稱/規格 價格(rmb) 生產商
          30020-2 ATPGLO BIOLUMINOMETRIC CELL VIABILITY     1KIT ¥4270 Biotium Inc.
          30020-T ATP-Glo Bioluminometric Cell Viability Assay Kit (50 assays)      1KIT ¥448 Biotium Inc.
          30020-1 ATP-GloTM Bioluminometric Cell Viability Assay Kit (200 assays)     1KIT ¥1764 Biotium Inc.
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