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          Apoptosis (56)

          A wide range of reagents and kits for apoptosis detection, including NucView 488 caspase-3 substrate for real-time apoptosis detection.

          Annexin V conjugates(24)

          Biotium offers Annexin V conjugated to our best and brightest CF dyes.

          Apoptosis and necrosis assay kits (18)

          Biotium offers a wide array of apoptosis and necrosis assays for measuring a variety of cell death indicators.

          Fluorogenic caspase substrates (17)

          Featuring NucView 488 caspase-3 substrate for real-time detection of caspase-3 in intact cells.

          Mitochondrial membrane potential dyes (11)

          Featuring Biotium's novel far-red MitoView 633.

          TUNEL Assays (3)

          Featuring dUTP labeled with Biotium's bright and photostable CF dyes.