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          Antibodies, bioconjugates, and labeling kits (421)

          Secondary antibodies and Mix-n-Stain Antibody Labeling Kits with Biotium's bright and photostable CF dyes, biotin, R-PE, APC, and HRP.

          CF dye- and biotin-labeled lectins (22)

          Superior CF dye-labeled conjugates of wheat germ agglutinin (WGA) or Concanavalin A (Con A).

          Mix-n-Stain antibody labeling kits (28)

          Rapidly label your antibody with bright and photostable CF dyes, biotin, fluorescent proteins, tandem dyes, HRP, AP, or GOX, with no post-labeling purification.

          Secondary antibodies and reagents for immunofluorescence staining (371)

          Browse our extensive selection of superior CF dye fluorescent secondary antibody conjugates, plus biotin, HRP, R-PE and other conjugates, or quickly find an antibody with our Antibody Finder.