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          Wide selection of fluorescent cell stains, viability assays, ion indicators, enzyme substrates, and more.

          Antibodies, bioconjugates, and labeling kits (421)

          Secondary antibodies and Mix-n-Stain Antibody Labeling Kits with Biotium's bright and photostable CF dyes, biotin, R-PE, APC, and HRP.

          Apoptosis (56)

          A wide range of reagents and kits for apoptosis detection, including NucView 488 caspase-3 substrate for real-time apoptosis detection.

          Cell biology accessory products (31)

          EverBrite fluorescence antifade mounting media, and other buffers kits for immunofluorescence staining and flow cytometry.

          Cell proliferation and viability assays (25)

          Fluorescent and colorimetric cell viability and cell quantitation assays for microplate reader, flow cytometry, or fluorescence micoscopy.

          Enzyme substrates (92)

          Fluorogenic, colorimetric, and bioluminescent enzyme substrates for galactosidase, phosphatases, proteases, luciferases, and other enzymes.

          Ion and pH indicators (62)

          Fluorescent dyes for measuring pH, calcium, magnesium, zinc and other ions, including ion indicators in AM ester form for live cell applications.

          Membrane and organelle stains (216)

          Wide selection of fluorescent nuclear stains, cell membrane dyes, cytoplasmic tracers, nerve terminal dyes, cytoskeletal probes, and more.

          Membrane potential dyes (22)

          Fluorescent membrane potential dyes and kits.

          Microbiology products (35)

          Fluorescent Gram stains and viability kits, including PMA dye for selective detection of live pathogens by qPCR.

          Nitric oxide and reactive oxygen species reagents (19)

          Including NO generators, NO synthase inhibitors, and NO detection reagents and kits.

          Reactive dyes, reactive biotin, and other reactive reagents for covalent labeling (346)

          For covalent labeling of proteins or other molecules with fluorescent dyes, biotin, or other molecules, including bright and photostable CF dyes with a wide selection of functional groups.

          Reporter gene assays (8)

          Convenient reporter gene assay kits for firefly, Renilla and dual luciferase assays. Also see Biotium's full selection of bioluminescent substrates.

          Toxins and other natural products (58)

          Phalloidin, bungarotoxins, tetrodotoxin and their fluorescent and biotin conjugates, including Biotium's bright and photostable CF dyes.