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          Buffers, conjugates, staining kits, and viability assays for flow cytometry, including our AccuEasy kit for improved detection of cell surface markers in adherent cells by flow cytometry.

          Apoptosis and viability assays for flow cytometry (20)

          Featuring Live-or-Dye fixable viability stains, super bright CF dye Annexin V conjugates, NucView 488 caspase-3 substrate for live cells, and far-red MitoView 633 mitochondrial potential dye.

          Flow cytometry buffers and staining kits (5)

          Staining reagents and kits for flow cytometry, featuring Biotium's AccuEasy kit for improved detection of cell surface markers in adherent cells by flow cytometry.

          R-PE and APC conjugates (14)

          Secondary antibodies, streptavidin, Annexin V conjugates of R-PE and APC for flow cytometry.

          R-PE, APC, and tandem dye antibody labeling kits (3)

          Easily label your antibody in about 4 hours with R-PE, APC, or tandem dye Mix-n-Stain Kits. Kits tolerate common antibody buffers and stabilizers.

          CF dye- and biotin-labeled antibodies (396)

          Biotium’s fluorescent antibody conjugates are prepared from high quality whole IgG antibodies or IgG F(ab')2 fragments and our superior CF dyes. ?Don't feel like browsing our extensive collection? Use our convenientAntibody Finder?to search for antibodies using specific criteria.

          Mix-n-Stain CF Dye and Biotin Antibody Labeling Kits (22)

          Label your antibody with biotin, FITC, or one of our super bright CF dyes in just 30 minutes with no post-labeling purification step.

          Fluorescent Streptavidin Conjugates (18)

          Featuring bright and photostable CF dyes, plus R-PE and APC.