1. Zhoushan City Jiaming machinery Co.,Ltd

      Zhoushan City Jia-ming Machinery Co.,Ltd.is located in China's rural screw,the country's largest screw,barrel manufacturing base,beautiful Jintang Town,Dinghai,zhejiang Baihe Industrial District,Zhoushan City.

      Is the professional manufacturer of screw and barrel,rubber extruder screw barrel,extruder screw barrel,bimetallic screw injection molding machine screw barrel,and accessories manufacturers。Material selection of high quality steel(38CrmoALA),through adjustable quality characterization,surface nitriding,polishing and other processes Seiko production,with characteristic precision wear it.

      We not only can sample processing,can also restoration work,bimetallic screw life increased 3-5 times higher than ordinary screw nitride.

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